Banking Choice

An A.A. group can choose one of two methods for handling money.

Personal Bank Account / Coffee Can

  • With a personal account the group’s money is mixed with the treasurer’s personal money.
  • The treasurer pays expenses with personal checks, and personal debit card.
  • There is just one required signatory – the treasurer is solely responsible for his/her personal account.
  • When the treasurer changes, the bank account must also change to a personal account belonging to the new treasurer.

Group (Business) Bank Account

  • The group’s money is not part of the treasurer’s personal account, or personal money
  • The treasurer pays expenses with business checks that list the group’s name
  • Two (2) signatories are responsible for the account; the group treasurer, and another trusted servant.
  • The group account is opened with a tax ID; an EIN – Employee Identification Number.
  • An online Tax postcard (N-990) is filled in each year.
  • There is a responsible party, who serves as contact person for the IRS. This responsible party changes when the treasurer changes.
  • When the treasurer changes the Bank Account remains; it is updated with the new signatory’s (treasurer’s) information